Although i’ve had my own website(s) for at least 15 years, i have never bothered to blog. Perhaps that’s because writing for news sites filled that mental niche. I don’t know. Even after building a new version of this site which would let me blog, i could not get my brain in gear to write.

Ah… but then i had an opinion about something, and just had to write it. Well i guess that’s what blogs are for. So here it is.

Don’t mind my rants. I’m sure there will be lots of them. And your comments are most welcome.

— Shanna

What is the best font size for usability?

The fact that we can do something doesn’t mean that we should do it. There are many human habits that are not good for us, but we do them anyway. In this case i am talking about the size of fonts on web pages.  Read more

How to speed up a website

There is quite a bit involved in optimizing a website to make it fast loading, while still having the content and functionality that you may need or want. The first thing we will do is take a look at how your page loads, how long it takes, and what the bottlenecks are.  Read more

Who do you design for?

Rare are the businesses that don’t need to sell their wares, rarer still those who lock their doors and have them beaten down by customers wanting to buy. The rest of us – which is nearly everyone – live in the real world where we cannot afford to put obstacles in the way  Read more

Web forms and stereotyping

If your life is so ordinary that you cannot be distinguished from the guy beside you, then maybe skip this article. But most people are unique in some way. I have a little sticker on the wall that says: “Always remember you’re unique just like everyone else.”  Read more