Shanna is extremely professional

“I needed a website with a look and feel that was appropriate for my business and a back end that enabled me to maintain the site myself once it was live. Wild Mice Media came up with a design that really captured the essence of my coaching practice and which worked well on other devices (iphone etc.), something I hadn’t considered but which has been very important. The level of training I received to ensure my confidence once the site was live was excellent. Shanna is extremely professional and very enjoyable to work with. She also maintains a high level of commitment and went above and beyond on all aspects of the project. I would highly recommend her to anyone with complete confidence.”

“Can’t recommend Shanna enough. Wild Mice Media has been exceptional in all aspects of the project I engaged them for. They are extremely reliable, go above and beyond, provide incredible quality and fantastic service. Also very enjoyable to work with which made the whole process a breeze!”

Ami Cook
Sydney, Australia