I had so much trust in her ability and workmanship…

“I was in the market for a designer who could create a ‘simple’ site to advertise my small start-up tour business in Beijing, China. Since I know absolutely nothing about the development, creation or implementation of a website, I was completely in the dark with what I was looking for. I advertised on the local ex-pat site and received a number of replies from both Chinese and ex-pats. A short reply at first from Shanna’s associate in Beijing turned the knob, but it was Shanna’s professional and detailed reply which opened the door. I had so much trust in her ability and workmanship from her initial correspondence, that she was hired, began work, conducted daily briefings as to design and put countless hours in to make the site what it is now, months before I even spoke to her. Since I know more about the design process now, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone in search of not only a good website, but the professionalism that goes along with building it.”

Sam Hopper
TRI Beijing Sidecar Motorcycle Tours