Professional web design in Nelson BC

Wild Mice Studio is a small, quality-focused web development agency owned and operated by Shanna Mi 米凯莉. Having built websites since 1998, we have extensive professional experience in every facet of web design and development. Our experience, reliability and dedicated attention to customer needs continue to draw praise from clients.

In this world of information overload and short attention span we count ourselves among the best because we build clean, easy-to-use sites that do not distract attention from the message. A great website is more than eye candy and techno toys — it simply works, for everyone, all the time, and fulfills its purpose effectively.

How it all began

How did we get to be a small world-class web design agency operating from a home office that overlooks a ghost town in the ‘suburbs’ of Nelson?

The winding road to our eagle’s nest high in the Selkirks began in the mid-nineties. At that time Shanna was working as a contract programmer for the federal government, and not liking big cities she was taking advantage of communication technologies to work from a base outside the city.

Personal computers were taking over IT and mainframes were on the wane. BC was beckoning and all it took was the convergence of a trip to Nelson and the realization that programming could now, with the world-wide web, be done anywhere. So in 1998, after completing her first database-driven website for a federal government agency, the plan solidified.

The result was a family move from the outskirts of Ottawa to beautiful alternative Nelson, followed immediately by the launching of a web design practice. Five years later Shanna moved up the lake to the ‘suburb’ of Kaslo – actually to a secluded location above the old ghost town of Nashton.

As mountain living goes, no house in the woods would be complete without a few furry friends, and it is after those little housemates that the business was named – realizing of course that the name also referred to computer mice and alluded to the freedom of living in the wilderness.

Initially our main expertise was in database-powered websites, but with the advent and increasing use of content management systems we no longer had to build our own CMS and shifted gears to other things. Those other things turned out to be WordPress theme and plugin development, responsive design, and page speed optimization.

Although we’ve always built websites for clients in the Kootenays, we’ve also served people around the world in such places as Beijing, Australia and Turkey.

Looking ahead

After 15 years in the industry, we are now focusing on best practices and taking on more serious, well-planned, and quality-driven projects where we can exercise the full depth of our knowledge and skill.

If you’d like to know more about Wild Mice Studio and how we can help your business or organization build a more effective presence on the web, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.