Development Practices

Wood shed

Sometimes the simplest technologies can be the best ones to use.

Cool, but what happens when it breaks?

We try to stay one step ahead of the future, so your website will continue to function and be maintainable as long as possible. One of our main strategies is to stick to the most commonly available tools that can reasonably do the job, and tools that we expect will continue to be available and supported for the foreseeable future.

Thus we consider it an important business security principle that all the code running on your website should be in your own web hosting space. Today many developers routinely use ‘cloud’ code that is not part of the website they are building. We regard this practice as creating a dependency that is not in our customers’ best interests.

We also try not to make you dependent on overly sophisticated solutions — potentially putting you some day at the mercy of hard-to-find specialists. Instead we keep things as simple and generic as the job will allow.

Open Communication

We are absolutely committed to maintaining open lines of communication at all times with our clients. Good communication is essential for clarity and mutual understanding — for avoiding misunderstandings by always being on the same page. Among other things, this means responding promptly to emails and phone calls.

It also extends into the development process. We always maintain an online working copy of sites under development so you can see the work as it progresses and give us timely feedback — thus avoiding surprises when the project is finally delivered. The only surprises you will have are pleasant ones.