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Actual test results for – April 2015

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Page Speed Service for Website Speed Optimization

Your search-engine ranking can be improved by being in the top 20% for speed. Every website we build is optimized for speed from the ground up and typically has a Google Page Speed rank over 95%.

If your home page takes longer than 3-5 seconds to load for a first-time visitor, or more than 2 seconds for subsequent visits, then it is too slow. Every half-second delay may be costing you 5% to 10% of potential traffic. For mobile visitors a page-load time longer than 3 seconds is off-putting and more than 5 seconds may spell instant death for your important message. Some say these figures are high and that almost half of visitors will not wait beyond 3 seconds.

Speeding up your website results in visitors returning more often and doing more on your website. It cuts cost by reducing the need for server capacity and bandwidth. It makes your website better able to handle traffic spikes, thus reducing slowdowns and outages. And it results in better search-engine visibility.

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