Drama House 儿童戏剧之家

This site wraps all our major skills into one package — a multilingual custom WordPress theme, responsive design, and optimization for speed.

Drama House is an international children’s theatre school in Beijing which also teaches English reading. They provide after-school programs as well as 10-day camps 3 times a year.

We found suitable hosting in Beijing and built this Mandarin/English site using our Freevoice multilingual WordPress theme with a custom skin.

  • Field: Education, Arts
  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Completed: December, 2013

Website: Chinese, English
Admin: English, some Chinese

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, Dwoo templates, jQuery

Hosted in Beijing
Load time: ~3.2 s / 0.9 s (Jiangsu)
Load time: ~4.8 s / 1.1 s (USA)
Google Page Speed: 96%
YSlow Grade: 80%

Visit the website: dramahouse.cn