TRI Beijing Sidecar Motorcycle Tours

This was our first trip to the land of responvie design, back when it was still mostly wild and unexplored territory. Built with a multilingual structure and features cross-browser HTML5 video.

The owner of this new sidecar motorbike tour business in Beijing approached us through an associate about producing a simple website. As we explored his needs this ‘simple’ site morphed into one with slideshows, videos, and future plans for multiple languages. At the client’s request, we used the simplest web technologies we could — plain hand-coded HTML files.

  • Field: Tourism
  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Completed December, 2011

Languages: English (with several other languages planned)

Linux / Apache, PHP, jQuery, HTML5 video (H.264)

Hosting: GoDaddy Asia-Pacific
Not optimized